Odd couples — a good topic for any newspaper column on love and relationships.

So how’s this for an odd couple: Richmond.com dating columnist Caroline Gibson has been hired as deputy director of communications for conservative Attorney Gen. Ken Cuccinelli (R).

Gibson tweeted about the move a few hours ago, writing, “Can officially announce that I’ll be joining the Attorney General’s office at the end of May as Deputy Director of Communications! Exciting!”

Or, maybe it’s not such an odd pairing--the self described “26-year old single girl living in the Fan district” of Richmond and “social media nerd” has been writing the dating column as a night gig.

During the day, her resume indicates she’s worked in a variety of PR jobs, including as a public affairs coordinator for a group called FightSMA, which works to find a cure for spinal muscular atrophy.

Gibson replaces Chris Mann and will answer to Cuccinelli’s Communications Director Brian Gottstein.

It looks as if Gibson is an expert in social media, which might make her particularly good hire for Cuccinelli, who got himself into a bit of hot water on Twitter lately.