Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has set his sights on Barack Obama, Tim Kaine and now Terry McAuliffe.

Ken Cuccinelli (Tracy A. Woodward — The Washington Post)

Cuccinelli says Virginia should opt out. Some Democrats, including state party chairman Brian Moran, say Virginia should opt in.

Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) wants more information before he makes a decision.

McAuliffe’s staff did not respond to messages for comment this week.

McAuliffe, through a spokesman, has declined to answer because he is not a declared candidate (he doesn’t plan to announce until after the November elections), though the former Democratic National Committee chairman does speak regularly on policy issues on talk shows.

“It is clear that Terry McAuliffe has all but announced he is running for governor of Virginia,” Cuccinelli said. “As someone who is seeking the highest office in our state – remaining silent on this issue just isn’t an option. The people of Virginia deserve to know where Terry stands now while the issue is still being decided, not afterwards. Terry McAuliffe claims to be a leader, but he’s hiding from the people of Virginia on an issue that will have ramifications in Virginia for decades. Come on, Terry. Take a stand.”

Before he can get to any general election, Cuccinelli must first take on Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (R) in a convention. Bolling called for Virginia to opt out of the expansion last week.