Terry McAuliffe (Gary Gershoff/WIREIMAGE)

On his Facebook page this week, Cuccinelli linked to a Washington Post editorial that questioned the wisdom of federal tax credits for electric vehicles. The editorial said that electric vehicles look “increasingly like an industry not ready for prime time.”

Cuccinelli delighted in the piece because McAuliffe has a hybrid/electric vehicle company, GreenTech Automotive, headquartered in McLean.

“The Washington Post Pours Cold Water on Terry MacAuliffe’s [sic] Business Strategy,” Cuccinelli wrote on Facebook. “If even The Post says this, in agreement with those of us on the right, then those who are banking on government help to create, build, or sustain their otherwise unmarketable products are in trouble ... including the Dems' leading candidate for Guv in 2013, Terry MacAuliffe...”

 Lest anyone think it’s too early for Cuccinelli to be in general-election mode, rest assured he’s not overly focused on a potential Democratic nominee. He hasn’t yet learned to spell “McAuliffe.”