As if Del. Dave Albo’s ill-fated attempt at, um, marital relations hadn’t gotten enough attention.

Del. David B. Albo (R-Fairfax) speaks for passage of the ultrasound-before-abortion bill during the floor session of the House of Delegates Wednesday. (Bob Brown/Associated Press)

Just as Albo was making his “patented cool move” on his wife, he recalled, a news report about the bill came on TV. Great, big turnoff for Mrs. Albo, who promptly went to bed — to sleep.

Now The New York Times’s Maureen Dowd has picked up on Albo’s sad tale to suggest that the Republican party is living in the past.

How far in the past?

Ancient Greece.

“Old Dominion version of ‘Lysistrata,’”is how Dowd described it, referring to Aristophanes’s play about women refusing to have sex until their men agree to end the Peloponnesian War.

The Fairfax County Democratic Committee also seized on Albo’s comments in a blast e-mail that also happened to note that Albo is Virginia co-chairman of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

“After a week of making Virginia a punchline on national television, Fairfax Delegate Dave Albo thought it was a good time to discuss his personal life on the floor of the House of Delegates,” the e-mail began.

It went on to quote Fairfax County Democratic Committee Chair Cesar Del Aguila saying, “To Delegate Albo, women’s health is not a serious issue, but a punch line, and the floor of the House of Delegates is a locker room, where men can swap jokes about their wives.”

A group called The Farm Team, which aims to elect more women to the Virginia House and Senate, even used Albo’s account in a fund-raising appeal titled “Adding Insult to Injury.”

After all this piling on, perhaps Albo’s wife will take pity on him. If she does, I’m sure we’ll hear about it .