Our colleagues at the Reliable Source have a tale for you — about Virginia’s very own Del. Dave Albo (R-Fairfax).

Albo complained on the House floor Friday about how Del. Dave Englin (D) ruined his romantic evening with his wife by talking about very unromantic things on TV. (“Trans-v this, and trans-v that!”). Really.

Republican Del. Dave Albo speaks for passage of SB484, the "ultrasound before abortion" bill, in the House of Delegates on Wednesday. (Bob Brown/AP)

“If the gentleman’s plan was to make sure there was one less Republican in this world, he did!’’ Albo quipped.

Englin took the floor next and apologized for interfering with Albo’s marital relations — and suggested he be more judicious with his remote.

Check out the full post at the Reliable Source. Yes, there’s even video.