Del. Joe Morrissey (D-Richmond) listens during debate in the House Jan. 2. (Steve Helber/AP)

On Tuesday, Morrissey, a graduate of the University of Virginia, called on his colleagues to investigate the circumstances surrounding president Teresa Sullivan’s forced resignation from his alma mater

But after learning that the General Assembly may not have money for an inquiry, he has offered to shell out the funds himself.

“It appears there is doubt as to whether the state can afford the few thousands — at most — necessary to make sure my University of Virginia, one of the most important economic entities in the commonwealth, one of the most important health-care deliverers in the commonwealth, is being run for the good not only of the UVA family, but also of the taxpayers of Virginia who help support this great public university,’’ he said.

Morrissey said his firm — Morrissey and Goldman of Richmond — will pay for “all legitimate expenses” to hold meetings of the House Education Committee in Charlottesville.

And he called on “ like-minded individuals or groups” to help out as well.

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