Democrats are accusing Republicans of “scaring” voters in Northern Virginia with unsolicited text messages attacking the party’s Senate and House candidates less than two weeks before the election.

About a dozen people have contacted the Democratic Party of Virginia to report receiving the texts, party spokesman Brian Coy said.

The texts, according to the party say: “OBAMA and his VA DEMOCRAT allies want to RAISE YOUR TAXES. Send a message. DO NOT vote for VA Democrats on 11/08/11” and “Dave Marsden voted to allow Ffx County Schools to HIDE FROM PARENTS when they discipline kids. Ask Dave why XXX-XXX-XXX.’’

Dave Rexrode, executive director of the Republican Party of Virginia, said he had no knowledge of the texts.

Dave Mills, executive director of the state Democratic Party, sent an e-mail to supporters about the texts Thursday, saying he believes the messages are illegal and is trying to determine who sent them.

“Running a slate of extreme right-wing candidates with no plan to create jobs, improve education or fix transportation is no excuse for breaking the law and violating voters’ privacy,’’ Mills said in the e-mail. “Please help us hold the Republicans accountable for these underhanded and illegal tricks.”

Democrats are asking people who have received the texts to call a hotline at 866-529-7620, which will be forwarded to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s consumer affairs office, file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission or file suit in small claims court.