Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling told the Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce last week: “We do not believe the government creates jobs.”

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (left), Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling(right), and Secretary of Finance Ric Brown(center). (Steve Helber/AP)

The Dems not only sent out a news release highlighting the comment, but created a Web site that plays off of McDonnell’s “Bob’s for jobs” mantra. attempts to put heat on Republican senate candidates. It lists their names and asks each for an answer to this question: “Do you agree with Bob McDonnell’s Chief Jobs Creation Officer Bill Bolling that government cannot create jobs?”So far, none has responded.

“Bob McDonnell ran promising to be a ‘Jobs Governor,’ and named Bill Bolling his ‘Chief Job Creation Officer’ because they wanted Virginians to believe that they would make real progress putting people back to work,” Democratic Party Chairman Brian Moran said in the release. “Nearly two years later, we have made no progress on jobs since the end of recession and the Republicans not only have no answer, they don’t think it’s their job to offer one.”

Bolling’s communications director, Ibbie Hedrick, said Democrats have misunderstood the comment — and the economy.

“Not surprisingly, the Democrats have once again shown that they don’t understand how the private economy works,” Hedrick said via e-mail. “They seem to think that government is the answer to every problem, but we know that’s not true. Governor McDonnell and Lieutenant Governor Bolling know that it’s the private sector that creates jobs, not the government. The government’s role is to create a pro-business environment in which the private sector can invest and hire.

“That’s what we’ve done in Virginia, and our efforts have been very successful. In the past 21 months, we’ve closed 627 economic development deals in our state, the private sector has created 40,800 net new jobs, and our unemployment rate has declined from 7.2% to 6.5%. ... If the Democrats would stop spending their time playing political games, and start embracing the same kind of pro-business policies that we’ve implemented in Virginia, the whole country would be better off.”