Virginia is sometimes called the “Mother of Presidents” because more commanders-in-chief have been born there — eight — than in any other state. But the commonwealth is suffering from something of a drought: Woodrow Wilson was the last president born in the state, and he left office 90 years ago.

Fear not, Virginians: The state may just have a contender in the 2012 race.

In late April, the U.S. Constitution Party unanimously adopted a resolution urging ex-representative Virgil Goode — who represented a central Virginia district for 12 years, first as a Democrat, then an Independent and then as a Republican — to run for president next year.

Goode already serves on the Constitution Party’s executive committee. But does he want to be the conservative party’s presidential nominee?

“I will consider it as the year progresses,” Goode told the Roanoke Times this week.