The State Board of Elections voted Friday to ask Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II to launch an investigation of both Patrick Moran, the son of Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D-Va.), who was recently caught on video discussing possible voter fraud.

Arlington County Police announced Thursday that they were also investigating Moran, who resigned as field director of his father’s campaign Wednesday after conservative activist James O’Keefe released the undercover video of Moran discussing potential ways to commit fraud with someone posing as a campaign worker.

At a meeting Friday, the SBE said in a statement, the board “voted unanimously to request the Office of the Attorney General to investigate voting irregularities involving fraudulent activity concerning Mr. Patrick Moran and others regarding fraudulent voting, including the individual who made the recording of the incident.”

Cuccinelli’s office had not responded to a request for comment as of this posting.

The SBE’s decision came two days after the board asked Cuccinelli to launch a statewide investigation into the case of Colin Small, a Republican Party contract worker who has been charged with allegedly discarding completed voter registration forms in Harrisonburg.

Voter fraud has been the subject of heated debate in Virginia and around the country, with Democrats and Republicans trading accusations that the other is busy trying to game the electoral system.