Former legislator Paula Miller, a Democrat from Hampton Roads, said she is considering running for lieutenant governor next year.

Miller said she began thinking about it after supporters asked her to consider it, but that she won’t decide until she does some more research. “People have been pushing me for a while,’’ she said.

She said with women’s issues on the frontburner in Richmond, it would be beneficial for a woman to serve. Legislators need to stop talking about the “birth canal,’’ Miller said.

Miller began serving in the House of Delegates in 2005. She did not seek re-election last year after the Republican-led chamber redrew her Norfolk-area district.

Other Democrats mentioned as candidates for lieutenant governor are: Aneesh Chopra, who recently stepped down as the White House’s first chief technology officer, Sen. Ralph S. Northam (Norfolk) and Del. Kenneth Cooper Alexander (Norfolk).

Corey A. Stewart, the Republican chairman of the Board of County supervisors, became the first candidate to officially jump into the race to replace Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (R) in April.

Several other Republicans have been mentioned, including Pete Snyder, chairman of the Republicans’ coordinated campaign, and Jeannemarie Devolites Davis, former senator turned director of the state’s liaison office in Washington.

The lieutenant governor position became more powerful — and more desirable — after November’s elections, when Republicans took control and handed Bolling a tiebreaking vote in the chamber.