Fast on the heels of the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce debate between county Board of Supervisors chairman Sharon S. Bulova and Michael J. “Spike” Williams, the Chamber’s political arm has decided to give its endorsement to Bulova, her campaign said Friday.

The head of the Chamber’s PAC confirmed the endorsement.

Fran Fisher, who chairs NOVA Biz Pac, said the Chamber’s political action committee waited until after Thursday’s debate between the major party candidates to make an official endorsement. She also said its members decided fairly quickly and with little contention on giving its endorsement to Bulova, largely on her experience and mastery of local issues.

“In this particular election, we thought she was clearly the better candidate,” Fisher said. “She can point to a number of accomplishments. We didn’t think totally ready for that level of office.”

Williams, a Herndon business owner, ran unsuccessfully as an independent against Supervisor Catherine M. Hudgins (D-Hunter Mill) in 2007.

Bulova, who assumed the chairmanship in February 2009 after her predecessor was elected to Congress, has also racked up endorsements from Northern Virginia Realtors, Fairfax Coalition of Police Local 5000,

Fairfax County Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics/IAFF Local 2068, and the Fairfax County Government Employees Union/SEIU Local 5.

The Chamber’s PAC intends to release its entire slate of endorsements on Monday.