Fairfax County supervisor John C. Cook (R-Braddock) has zapped Board of Supervisors chairman Sharon S. Bulova (D) for stooping “to play politics” in remarks attributed to her in a mailing sent out by Cook’s Democratic challenger in the Braddock District.

In a press release Wednesday, Cook also sounded taken aback that Bulova would ignore their “collegial interaction” over several years on the Board of Supervisors and come to the aid of his opponent, former school board member Janet S. Oleszek.

It wasn’t so long ago that Bulova, who was then the district’s supervisor, named him Braddock Citizen of the Year, Cook said. It also wasn’t so long ago that Bulova was backing Oleszek’s opponent, Chris Wade, in the Democratic Party primary.

“Now, Chairman Bulova has chosen to play politics, ignore my two and half years of collegial interaction and informed policy discussion on the Board, and come to the aid of my opponent,” Cook said. “The Chairman has made it clear that what is important to her, and want [sic] she wants, is a rubber stamp, [and] she is putting her interests above those of Braddock District.”

Besides sounding a bit wounded by Bulova’s remarks, Cook used some fairly strong language himself to accuse Oleszek of moving to attack mode as Election Day nears.

“My opponent is resorting to throwing mud because she lacks a positive vision for the Braddock District,” Cook said “Even worse, she is not sufficiently engaged in the community to develop one.” He noted that she could not answer a question during their last debate about what nonpolitical community organization she has served.

Oleszek has been arguing during the campaign that Bulova — who represented the Braddock District for more than two decades and remains popular there — deserves another ally on the 10-member board, not an adversary, and she said so in her mailing.

Or, rather, Bulova said so:

“Too often, John Cook has put partisan politics ahead of sound policy on the Board of Supervisors, voting against our county budgets while at the same time taking credit for what those budgets deliver,” Bulova was quoted as saying. “From her record on the School Board I know that Janet will be a strong and independent voice for Braddock, a hard working representative who knows how to work with her colleagues to get things done!”

In a telephone call Wednesday, Bulova said she stood by the remarks attributed to her in the mailing.

“In fact it’s true,” Bulova said. “John has voted against budgets and taken credit for full-day kindergarten and giving employees raises.”

Bulova also said the Democratic primary is history.

“It’s not that I opposed Janet Oleszek, but that I supported Chris Wade in the primary. But Janet Oleszek won, and she’s part of team,” Bulova said. “I’ve been in long enough in politics to know you support your own team.”