Though the focus in recent days has been on the role of outside money in the marquee Virginia Senate contest between George Allen and Timothy M. Kaine, the two former governors are raising plenty of cash for their own campaigns. And following that money just got a lot easier.

The Virginia Public Access Project launched a new feature Wednesday allowing people to see exactly how Allen (R) and Kaine (D) are competing for donations in various parts of the state, down to the zip code.

Allen and Kaine are both prohibitively favored to win their party nominations and have taken in the lion’s share of the campaign cash.

The image above shows the Zip code boundaries that fall within the Capital Beltway. The shading —George Allen (red) and Tim Kaine (blue)—indicates which candidate raised the most in each neighborhood. Users can click on each Zip code and drill down to get a list of donors from that community. (Source: VPAP)

In Northern Virginia, Kaine is clearly doing well in Arlington, most of Alexandria, much of the Dulles corridor and northern Loudoun County. Allen has the edge in McLean, Great Falls and the southern portions of Fairfax County. The two appear to be splitting Prince William, though in many cases only a handful of donors from each zip code have given money in the Senate race, making it hard to draw firm conclusions.

Obviously, the map only covers donations from Virginia; both Kaine and Allen have also taken significant amounts of cash from out of state. And they’ve both taken donations from political action committees, which aren’t reflected. VPAP is using Federal Election Commission data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, and the maps will be updated at least once a month.