George Allen himself plays narrator in his newest TV ad against Democratic Senate rival Timothy M. Kaine.

Republican candidate George Allen, right, and Democratic candidate Tim Kaine shake hands during a senatorial debate in McLean. (Evan Vucci/AP)

Titled “Ready,” it mixes softly playing strings and feel-good “morning in America” imagery — flags and hay bales, a cuddly dad and sun-dappled trees — with pictures of soldiers and warnings about looming defense cuts known as “sequestration.”

“America is ready for a comeback,” Allen begins. “Defense cuts put it at risk; 200,000 jobs are at stake. Tim Kaine’s solution is to raise taxes. Can families and small businesses really afford more taxes? As governor, working together with Democrats, we created 300,000 new jobs. My plan stops the defense cuts, uses our energy resources and creates jobs.”

In response to the ad, Kaine spokeswoman Brandi Hoffine released a statement noting that Kaine has a plan to avert the across-the-board defense cuts and reduce the deficit while also protecting education and Medicare.
“Virginians are ready for a comeback but George Allen is offering an economic throwback to the policies that got us into this mess,” Hoffine said. “What America’s businesses and families can’t afford are more tax breaks for the wealthy that come at the expense of investments in education, infrastructure, small businesses, research and development, and other priorities that strengthen the economy.”