George Allen (R) is making his first direct-to-camera appeal to voters in the closing days of his Senate battle against Timothy M. Kaine (D).

The delivery may be new in Allen’s latest ad — titled “Ripple” — but the message is one his campaign has been hammering for months: That Virginia’s economy is threatened by looming defense cuts.

“Decisions in Washington ripple through our communities, harming small businesses like this one,” Allen says in the ad. “The defense cuts Tim Kaine supported are threatening over 200,000 Virginia jobs. His solution is to raise taxes. That’s not the answer, that would cost us even more jobs. My plan would stop the defense cuts by growing our economy, using our energy resources, and creating jobs.”

Allen has made possible “sequestration” cuts, and the related charge that Kaine wants to raise taxes, a central focus of his campaign. Kaine and his fellow Democrats have repeatedly accused Allen of distorting his position.

While Kaine backed the original spending deal that made the defense cuts a possibility — as did nearly every Republican leader — Kaine has also said he wants the cuts to be averted and has laid out a plan to do so, one that does involve allowing the Bush-era tax cuts to expire on income over $500,000. Democrats also say that Allen’s plan, which he describes in the ad, is too vague to be credible.

Kaine has done a handful of ads featuring him speaking directly to the camera, while many of Allen’s spots have shown testimonials from women who have worked with him or know him well.

Responding to the spot, Kaine’s campaign said in a news release that “it’s not surprising that George Allen’s first direct appeal to Virginia voters is a negative, false attack ad.”

“Washington needs problem solvers like Tim Kaine who will reach across the aisle to prevent harmful defense cuts and grow the economy, not the same partisans like George Allen whose only ideas are the same ones that got us into this mess,” said Kaine spokeswoman Brandi Hoffine.