The eyes of the political-media complex may be on the Iowa caucus today, but at least one area politician would prefer we turn our gaze elsewhere.

Rep. Gerald Connolly (D-Va.) is not a fan of the caucus and the outsized role it plays in selecting presidential nominees, and he let his followers know it Tuesday.

“#IowaCaucus will draw fewer voters than local elections in Fairfax County. Little diversity in state. Media attention is just shy of obscene,” Connolly wrote on his Twitter feed.

Connolly has been mentioned before as a possible candidate for statewide office in Virginia, but never for the White House. Dumping on Iowa could be a sign that he — unlike many of his congressional colleagues — has no designs on the nation’s highest office. (Unless he plans to focus exclusively on New Hampshire in 2016 — let the rumors begin!)

For the record, Connolly’s turnout comparison is correct if only Republicans are counted. In 2008, 119,000 Republicans and 236,000 Democrats showed up for the Iowa caucus. (That year saw competitive contests in both parties, whereas only the Republican side will be relevant this year.)

In Fairfax this past November, just under 194,000 ballots were cast in the race for chairman of the county Board of Supervisors