Bryce Reeves, a Republican candidate for the state Senate, hugs his wife, Anne, after announcing that he was headed home to get some rest, Tuesday night, Nov. 8, 2011, in Fredericksburg, Va. (Robert A. Martin/AP)

With the addition of those votes, Reeves defeated Sen. R. Edward Houck (D-Spotsylvania) by 228 votes. Houck, who can request a recount because the vote margin was so slim, has scheduled a news conference in Fredericksburg at 5 p.m.

Elections officials in Louisa County said they counted three of eight provisional ballots, and they all went for Reeves. The rest were never opened because they were cast by unregistered voters.

The fourth vote was cast on a paper ballot by a physically handicapped person who was not able to come inside the polling place, said Jack Manzari, chairman of Louisa’s electoral board. That ballot had not been placed in the proper envelope, but elections officials discovered it Thursday afternoon during their normal, post-election review.

Louisa County was the last jurisdiction in the 17th Senate District to count provisional ballots and review calculations and tapes from voting machines. With control of the senate riding on this race, Louisa’s final tabulations were closely watched by Republican and Democratic party officials.

Louisa had nearly completed its review Wednesday but its provisional ballots and one, 1,398-vote precinct were still outstanding.

Now that all of the local jurisdictions have complete their canvas, they will forward results to the State Board of Elections. The board will review the results and formally certify them on Nov. 28.

Houck would have 10 days from that date to request a recount.