Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on historic Capitol Square on Tuesday, but some state legislators might not like their gifts.

(Ana Venegas/Orange County Register via AP)

Presumably it has nothing to do with love.

The activists will be protesting what they describe as a fixation on restrictions to abortion rights, gay rights and voting rights and other social issues by the new Republican majority.

“Virginians voted for legislators who promised to work on jobs and the economy and instead have focused on far-flung legislation like restricting voting rights, lifting the one gun per month limit, restricting gay adoptions and drug testing public assistance recipients,” said Sandra Cook, Virginia Organizing’s chairman.

Activists will distribute empty heart-shaped candy boxes to the legislators with a note inside that says, “Disappointed? So are we!” Later, they will hold an outdoor rally, holding broken heart signs highlighting the “misplaced priorities” of the legislature.