The real estate tax rate in Arlington County will hold steady, but tax bills will increase.

The Arlington County Board plans to maintain the current tax rate of 95.8 cents per $100 of a property’s assessed value for its $1 billion fiscal 2012 budget. That rate includes sewer fees.

The average homeowner will see a 1.4 percent increase — or $7 more — compared to last year’s bill.

The board’s budget was able to restore several programs and services not found in County Manager Barbara Donnellan’s proposed budget.

“We are fortunate in Arlington to be able to keep our low tax rate and yet also fund a number of important safety net priorities,” said Christopher Zimmerman, Arlington County Board chairman, in a statement. “We also found ways to restore some core services. Our economy in Arlington is better than most and we remain cautiously optimistic about our economic outlook.”

The board plans to vote on the budget and related taxes Saturday.

The $1 billion fiscal 2012 budget, a 5.1 percent increase compared to last year’s budget, includes $385.6 million for Arlington Public Schools. The board fully funded the School Board’s request.

Human and housing services for homeless and low-income residents received a $13.8 million boost in the board’s budget. The Affordable Housing Investment Fund was allocated a total of $5.5 million.

Local libraries will be open for three more hours each week, a first step to restoring cuts made in previous years. Shirlington and Columbia Pike branches also will have longer Sunday hours.

Funding for 10 more police officers, one fire battalion chief and two positions in the sheriff’s office was included.

Almost $500,000 is budgeted for Lubber Run performances, programs and a study of construction needs.