House Republicans have agreed to support G. Paul Nardo, longtime chief of staff to House Speaker Bill Howell (R-Stafford), as the new clerk of the House of Delegates and Keeper of the Rolls of the Commonwealth.

Nardo would replace Bruce Jamerson, who had been clerk for two decades and died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound April 25.

Republicans who are gathered at the Homestead resort for their annual fundraising retreat met behind closed doors to talk about caucus business, including supporting Nardo after their 30-day mourning period ends Wednesday, according to several delegates. Others who had been considered were three deputy clerks Jeff Finch, George Bishop and Scott Maddrea.

The entire 100-member House is expected to vote June 9, when the General Assembly will return to complete the process of drawing boundaries for the state’s 11 congressional districts.

Howell did not immediately return calls for comment. Nardo, who has worked for Howell since 2002, declined to comment.

A nonpartisan employee of the legislature, the clerk, along with staff members, track and organize thousands of bills filed by the House. During hours-long floor sessions, the clerk stands just beneath the House speaker, reading aloud bill numbers and votes.