Republican senate hopeful Jeff Frederick received endorsements this week from two big names in GOP circles.

Former congressman Tom Davis (R-Va) and former congressional candidate Keith Fimian (R) said they support the ousted leader of the Republican Party of Virginia as he faces political newcomer Tito “The Builder” Muñoz in the Aug. 23 primary. Frederick and Muñoz are vying for the 36th district state Senate seat and a chance to oust Democratic Sen. Linda T. “Toddy” Puller, who has held the seat since 1999.

“Republicans are three seats short of a majority in the state Senate and we need this seat to take back control in Richmond,” Davis said . “Jeff can win this seat because he has fought and won tough races in Northern Virginia where other Republicans lost.”

While Davis pointed to Frederick’s ability to win over voters, Fimian pointed to Frederick’s record when he was state delegate. Fimian narrowly lost to 11th district incumbent Rep. Gerry Connolly (D) in the 2010 race.

“Jeff has a strong record of accomplishment and will lead the charge in Richmond to strengthen our economy the old-fashioned way: by lowering taxes, reducing onerous and unnecessary government regulations, balancing our budgets and demanding fiscal responsibility,” Fimian said .

Frederick, who retired after three terms in the House of Delegates, said he wants to head back to Richmond to promote job creation and “common sense” solutions to transportation problems that plague the region.

Muñoz, a small business owner and conservative Latino voice on local radio, was endorsed by former governor and U.S. senator George Allen in June. Allen is seeking the Republican nod for U.S. Senate next year. Muñoz said his focus is on job creation, tax cuts for businesses and energy independence.