Timothy M. Kaine, left, has spent another $1 million on ad time in his race against George Allen. (Steve Helber/AP)

Kaine’s latest buy includes roughly $250,000 worth of time on Spanish-language media, a sign that he plans to continue courting Virginia’s growing Latino community. Both campaigns have stepped up their efforts to reach Latino voters as Election Day approaches.

Kaine had previously purchased $3.5 million worth of time, and his campaign has noted that locking down that time early allowed it to get the best rates and the best placement in a state that will be flooded with ads for both the Senate and presidential contests. Allen has also reserved some air time for the fall and aired a handful of ads, though it’s not clear how much the Republican has spent.

Kaine has consistently outraised Allen since entering the contest last year. But the Democrat’s financial advantage has been dulled by the fact that outside conservative groups have spent far more money on ads than liberal groups have.