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Former governor Tim Kaine, left, and Former senator George Allen, right (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Not only does Kaine have nearly $2 million more than Allen, he has far more small donors, according to their finance reports — a key indicator of grassroots support for a campaign.

In the first three months of this year, Kaine raised more than three times as much from donations less than $200 than Allen -- $421,434 to $130,700.

Since the race began, Kaine, who started a quarter later than Allen, outraised him overall from small donors - $989,505 to $635,000. (The Kaine campaign originally reported $2.28 million, but plans to amend its FEC report to reflect the lower number).

Emily Davis, an Allen spokeswoman, did not specifically address the number of small donors, but attacked Kaine for supporting President Obama’s policies.

“It’s no surprise that Tim Kaine’s liberal allies like the League of Conservation Voters and ACTBlue are rewarding Tim Kaine for his unabashed support for President Obama’s policies that blocked the Keystone Pipeline, brought us annual trillion-dollar deficits and produced 37 months of unemployment above 8 percent,’’ she said. “With allies like these, it’s clear that Tim Kaine would be a senator for President Obama and his Washington agenda, not Virginia.”

Kaine, a former governor and chairman of the Democratic National Committee, raised more than $2.2 million in the first three months of the year and had more than $4.4 million in the bank as of the end of March. Since the campaign began, he has raised $7.4 million.

Allen, a former governor and senator, collected $1.4 million in the first three months and had nearly $2.7 million on hand..

Kaine has consistently outpaced his chief rival in a race that is expected to be one of the most expensive in the country. He received donations from more than 19,000 individuals since last year; 6,000 new donors made contributions of $200 or less in the first quarter, bringing the total number of low-dollar donors to more than 14,000, according to the campaign.

Kaine automatically became the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate when no others submitted signatures to have themselves placed on the ballot by last week’s deadline.

Allen has far more money than his three Republican rivals: tea party activist Jamie Radtke, Del. Bob Marshall (Prince William) and Bishop Earl Jackson.

Radtke reported raising $161,000 last quarter, with $80,000 left in the bank. Marshall, who entered the race in mid-January, has raised $23,000 and loaned his campaign $10,000, ending March with $12,000. Jackson, raised $20,000 and had nearly $6,000 cash on hand.