Timothy M. Kaine (D) is on the air with another positive ad, showcasing his emphasis on education and worker training.

Kaine — who faces fellow former governor George Allen (R) in the race to succeed retiring Sen. James Webb (D) — launched the first ad of his campaign last week, also a positive spot, featuring him speaking directly to the camera about his record as governor. Kaine also is up with Spanish-language radio and TV ads and a radio spot featuring his wife, Anne Holton.

The latest commercial, “Tomorrow,” focuses on Kaine’s economic plan.

After speaking to business owners, Kaine says, “I know we can create jobs right away by investing in small businesses and rebuilding our roads and bridges. But we can’t stop there.” Then he segues to what has been a standard part of his campaign message — on the “talent economy.”

“Education and training are the keys to the jobs of tomorrow,” Kaine says. “We need to remain the most talented nation on earth, and I have a plan to keep us there.”

Allen spokeswoman Emily Davis suggested Kaine’s economic rhetoric is contradicted by his support for damaging Obama administration policies.

“If Tim Kaine were actually listening to businesses, he would know that tax increases don’t create jobs, the health care tax law is one of the greatest impediments to hiring, and Washington’s assault on American energy is raising prices and hurting jobs,” Davis said.