We doubt this was the first turkey to enter the governor’s office.

But on Monday, the folks at ProgressVA presented the governor’s office with a frozen turkey to commemorate Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) receiving the 2011 Turkey-of-the-Year award.

(AP Photo/Matthew Mead, File)

“Virginians across the commonwealth are bearing the brunt of Governor McDonnell’s fiscal policies,'' said Anna Scholl, executive director of ProgressVA. “While middle-class families pay taxes on their income and purchases, approximately 64 percent of Virginia corporations pay no corporate income taxes. Governor McDonnell hasn’t asked his corporate donors to pay their fair share, instead punishing middle-class families by cutting millions from education and public safety programs. That’s a turkey if I ever saw one.”

McDonnell was still in India on his 11-day trade mission and was not at his office to receive the turkey or the resolution written in his honor.

 “While we would have preferred a one year membership in the jelly of the month club, the gift that keeps on giving the whole year,  this is still a real nice surprise,’’ McDonnell spokesman Tucker Martin quipped. “However, as much as we appreciate it, the fact is in this tough economy many Virginians could use a free turkey at Thanksgiving. With that in mind we will donate the turkey to the Central Virginia Foodbank, and we encourage all Virginians to support their local food banks this holiday season.”

Read the resolution below:

“Whereas, Governor McDonnell used a series of accounting gimmicks, including borrowing money from the Virginia Retirement System, to balance Virginia’s budget,

 and Whereas, as Governor, McDonnell has cut millions of dollars from education, public safety, and social service programs,

 and Whereas, under Governor McDonnell’s tenure the Commonwealth has pushed state responsibilities off onto local governments, ducking its responsibilities and increasing the burden on localities,

and, Whereas, Governor McDonnell has borrowed billions of dollars, maxing out the state's "credit card"

 and Whereas, Governor McDonnell insisted on closing Virginia’s budget deficit through a cuts-only approach that ignores closing tax loopholes that benefit his corporate donors,

and Whereas, approximately 64% of Virginia corporations pay no corporate income tax while middle class families pay their fair share and Governor McDonnell has proposed no remedy,

Now Therefore,

On this day of November 21, 2011, ProgressVA does hereby confer and award Governor Robert F. McDonnell the honor and accomplishment of “Turkey of the Year”, as recognized by this proclamation and the accompanying turkey.”