Loudoun County’s contract with assessor Todd Kaufman was terminated this week, according to county officials.

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to terminate the contract following a closed session Tuesday, according to county spokeswoman Anna Nissinen. One member of the board, Supervisor Geary Higgins (R-Catoctin), was absent for the vote.

Kaufman, who has served as Loudoun’s assessor since 2005, was first placed on administrative leave in April.

County officials said at the time that the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office had been contacted regarding concerns about Kaufman, but did not provide additional details.

Liz Mills, spokesperson for the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, said this week that the matter was being handled by county personnel.

Kaufman’s office is responsible for assessing real estate values in the county. He has raised public concerns in the past about the county Board of Equalization, a court-appointed panel that handles property owners’ appeals of real estate assessments, claiming that the board often failed to provide thorough explanations for its decisions in cases.

In March, Kaufman testified at a hearing concerning a Freedom of Information Act complaint filed by Loudoun County resident Beverly Bradford against the Board of Equalization. Kaufman told the court that he heard one of the board members say that Bradford should be banned from a public meeting and future public meetings after she took a photo during a board proceeding in June 2011.

County and law enforcement officials declined to comment further on the investigation and termination of Kaufman’s contract.