Virginia’s most popular statewide politician narrates a pair of new radio ads for Democrat Timothy M. Kaine in Kaine’s neck-and-neck Senate race against Republican George Allen.

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) speaks at the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association annual meeting in New York on Oct. 23. (Peter Foley/Bloomberg)

“He was a fiscally responsible governor during the worst recession in decades, and he’s always done what’s best for Virginia. Tim Kaine and I will be a great team in Washington as we work together to bring down the debt, grow the middle class and create jobs.”

The ad also mixes in endorsements from various newspaper editorial boards and a bit from Kaine himself, recalling his time as a missionary in Honduras.

Warmer gives a similar testimonial in the second ad, titled “Mark.” In that ad, he praises Kaine for preserving funding for priorities such as education during the economic downturn.

Warner previously appeared in a TV ad for Kaine and has appeared on the stump with him in Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads, Fredericksburg, Roanoke, Charlottesville and Richmond.

“As Governor, Tim Kaine put partisanship first by devoting his last year to traveling the country raising money and giving speeches as President Obama’s national party chairman while Virginians faced a struggling economy,” Allen spokeswoman Emily Davis said in a written response to the ads. “It’s hard to call Tim Kaine ‘fiscally responsible’ when he tried to raise taxes by $4 Billion and closed 19 rest stops because he couldn’t find $9 Million in the transportation department’s $1 Billion available funds. And when Tim Kaine had the chance to invest in education, he made what he called ‘significant’ cuts to education that led to over 30 percent tuition increases at public universities.”