After the General Assembly passed a bill clarifying that martial arts schools should not be licensed as child day-care centers, the bill’s sponsor, Del. Tim Hugo (R-Fairfax), received 14 donations from martial arts instructors totaling $9,750.

Hugo reported the 14 donations in the three-month period that ended June 30 in his campaign finance report, which was due Friday. He received a total of $63,000 in contributions, according to the State Board of Elections.

His bill — HB1905 — garnered little attention during the General Assembly session, which ended in February. It passed the Republican-controlled House of Delegates and Democratic-led Senate unanimously and was signed into law by Gov. Bob McDonnell (R).

Hugo did not immediately return a call for comment Friday. But in a statement posted on the Republican Party of Virginia Web site during the legislative session, he said he introduced the bill on behalf of Cho's Black Belt Academy in Centreville.

He also said treating martial arts schools the same as day cares would be “detrimental” to most, if not all, schools.

“This bill is extremely important to the martial arts community, the Korean community and the state of Virginia,’’ Hugo said. “Martial arts schools, along with other businesses, will continue to function safely while complying with the necessary requirements of the state.”

See a list of the donations below:

Bae Kwangwoo, 6504 Skylemar Trail, Centreville, VA, 20121, martial arts instructor, Centreville VA, 06/07/11, $250.00, self

Cho Byung K, 42018 Glass Mountain Pl, Stone Ridge, VA, 20105, martial arts instructor, Stone Ridge VA, 05/24/11, $1000.00, self

Cho Byung K, 42018 Glass Mountain Pl, Stone Ridge, VA, 20105, martial arts Instructor, Stone Ridge VA, 06/18/11, $500.00, self

Chung Joanne Y., 3815 Daniels Run Ct,Fairfax, VA,22030, martial arts instructor, Fairfax VA, 05/20/11, $1000.00, self

Han Kwang Soc, 4124 Walney Rd Ste 3, Chantilly, VA, 20151, martial arts instructor, Chantilly VA, 06/23/11,1000.00, Kwon’s Champion School

Jun Jekyun, 1514 Bell View Blvd,Alexandria, VA,22037, martial arts instructors, Alexandria VA, 06/16/11, $500.00 Taewkondo Masters

Kim Yoon Taek, 14153 Catbird Dr, Gainsville, VA 20155, martial arts instructor, Gainsville VA, 05/19/11, $500.00, self

Kwon HO Y, 7299 Prices Cove Pl., Gainsville, VA, 20156, martial arts instructor, Gainsville VA, 06/14/11, $2000, self

Lee Kunhwa, 1238 Freeman Drive, Amissville, VA, 20106, instructor, Amissville VA, 06/05/11, $1000.00, self

Lee In Yong, 8369 Jovin Circle, Springfield, VA, 22153, martial arts instructor, Springfield VA, 06/18/11, $250.00, self

Song Yunho,13329 Horspen Woods Lane, Oak Hill, VA, 20171,Martial Arts Instructor,Oak Hill VA,R,05/16/11, $500.00, self

Tak Byeong Y,2573 John Milton Drive, Herndon,VA,20171,Martial arts Instructor,Herndon VA, 06/16/11, $250.00 self

Um Il Yong,6349-C Columbia Pike,Falls Church, VA, 22041,Martial Arts Instructor,Falls Church VA, 05/15/11, $500, self

Woo Kwang Weon, 6700 Fleet Dr, Alexandria, VA, 22310, martial arts instructor, Alexandria VA, 06/18/11, $500.00, self