Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell blasted President Obama on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday when talking about the ramifications of potential defense cuts and the new health care law.

“With the failure in Congress and no leadership from the White House, they put $600 billion of defense spending at risk. Even [Defense Secretary Leon] Panetta said it’s a bad idea.,’’ McDonnell (R), who appeared alongside Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D). “I’m worried not only about jobs in Virginia but I’m worried about the security of the United States of America.”

McDonnell also hammered the administration for the health-care law, saying he does not have enough information to know whether to opt Virginia out of the federal health law’s Medicaid expansion, even if the federal government provides money for it.

“The federal government makes a lot of promises that they don’t keep, first of all. Secondly, when you’re $16 trillion in debt and you’re promising hundreds of billions of dollars of new spending to the states, we’re having a hard time believing where they’re going to get that money unless you put America in more debt,’’ McDonnell said. “Here is the issue. Expanding Medicaid without reforming Medicaid is a terribly bad idea and irresponsible. President Obama said exactly that three years ago when he was making proposals.”

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