Did another presidential surrogate go off script?

Democrats have seized on comments that Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell made on national TV Sunday when he conceded — barely — that the federal stimulus plan helped Virginia weather the economic crisis. 

McDonnell, a potential vice presidential candidate and chairman of the Republican Governors Association, acknowledged on CNN’s “State of the Union” that federal assistance helped the commonwealth balance its budget but that the funds had no positive long-term impact.

On Monday, Brian Coy, a spokesman for the Democratic Party of Virginia., referred to the interview to highlight what he called Republican hypocrisy.

"After over two years Bob McDonnell may be starting to realize that taking credit for your state's share of a nationwide economic recovery while attacking the president who oversaw it is the height of hypocrisy,'' Coy said. "It's time for the Governor and his Republican friends to admit President Obama's policies helped turn a recession into a recovery, save the American auto industry and expand access to health coverage for millions of Americans.”

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