We had a feeling something like this was coming.

On Friday, Gov. Bob McDonnell’s office distributed a video titled the “McDonnell Administration: By the Numbers.”

Prepared by McDonnell deputy press secretary Paul Logan, the video is unabashed cheerleading for the Republican administration. It includes items like “19: shuttered rest stops reopened” and “$1.4 billion: uncovered in Governor’s Audit of VDOT.” It concludes with “0: Taxes increased to close budget shortfalls.” You can watch it here:

Not to be outdone, today, the Democratic Party of Virginia responds with its own “By the Numbers” video, lumping McDonnell with controversial Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) to create “McDonnell-Cuccinelli Administration: By the Numbers.”

Working to undermine McDonnell’s claims that he balanced the state budget without cutting taxes, it notes that Virginia also took $1.9 billion in federal stimulus dollars and borrowed $620 million from employee pensions. Watch the response video here:

Said Democratic party spokesman Brian Coy of the video, “It is becoming increasingly clear that the big issue of the 2013 election will be how to clean up the mess Bob McDonnell will leave behind with his gimmick-laden budgets, ‘cut-and-run’ approach to education and core services, and his radical social agenda.  Using his taxpayer-funded office as a personal publicity machine may boost the Governor’s political prospects, but Virginians are going to be left picking up the pieces when he’s gone.

And, as night follows day, a response from McDonnell Communications Director Tucker Martin: “Wow. So the Democratic Party of Virginia is apparently shocked that in the year 2011, a press office would use utilize various means of communication, including online videos. I honestly don’t know how to respond to that. Wait until they learn about Twitter.”

Martin noted that the White House distributes similar videos about President Obama’s administration, like this one and this one.