Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell had a “warm and personal visit” with South Korean President Myung-Bak Lee on Monday while on the final leg of his 11-day trade mission to Asia.

In a 40-minute conversation at the Blue House, the president’s official residence, the two leaders spoke about increasing trade from Virginia — including tobacco and wine — to South Korea. They were joined by the the U.S. ambassador to Korea.

Gov. Bob McDonnell met with South Korean President Myung-Bak Lee in the Eternal Spring Room at the Blue House in Seoul.

McDonnell, on a conference call with reporters from Seoul, said he hoped that the 11-day, will result in about six agreements with companies from Korea, Japan and China.

“We believe that there will be within the next couple weeks some very specific releases that we will be able to provide, particularly in the agriculture export area,” he said.

The Korean trip included individual and group meetings with the country’s chamber of commerce, agricultural importers to discuss seafood, tobacco, soybeans, wine and pork and executives from electronics, energy and shipbuilding companies.