Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, left, speaks at a news conference as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker listens (AP Photo/Richmond Times-Dispatch, Bob Brown)

McDonnell said Romney had already left Bain to lead the Salt Lake City Olympics at the time when the actions in question occurred..

“It’s just false and he ought to pull those ads,’’ McDonnell said at news conference.

McDonnell and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) also slammed Obama on energy, taxes and health before the president’s two day swing through Virginia.

“At about every turn, the policies of the president on energy, jobs, defense and taxes are hurting our ability to make people...more successful and have more access to the American dream,” McDonnell said.

McDonnell would not answer a question about whether Romney should release more of his income tax returns.

“It’s not Mitt Romney’s tax returns people are concerned about, it’s their own tax returns,” McDonnell said.

McDonnell and Walker were in Williamsburg for the National Governors Association meeting. Obama rallied supporters an hour away in Virginia Beach, the first of five stops here this weekend.

“Whether the president planned to upstage the governors, you’ll have to ask him,’’ McDonnell told reporters.

McDonnell will appear on State of the Union on Sunday with Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D).