Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell had some nice things to say about President Clinton on Thursday. Really.

Virginia Governor Robert F. McDonnell (R) addresses delegates during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, last month. (Charlie Neibergall/AP)

McDonnell offered high praise for Clinton, who had addressed the convention the night before, to draw an unflattering contrast with President Obama.

“President Clinton gave a great speech but he had to have a real hard time giving that speech,” McDonnell said. “It’s a very different Bill Clinton than it was four years ago, when he essentially said, ‘This man, President Obama’s, not competent to be president of the United States. ’

“This administration is not the same party and not the same philosophy of President Bill Clinton,” McDonnell said. “This is the most liberal president in the history of the United States. And this is the most liberal groups of delegates, I think, that have ever attended a national convention if you look at the platform, if you look at what they had to do on the floor last night in an embarrassing moment to actually have a divided vote on whether they believed in God and whether Jerusalem was the capital Israel.

“Bill Clinton was a fundamentally different different type of president than Barack Obama,” McDonnell continued. “Bill Clinton actually worked with Republicans, with speaker [Newt] Gingrich, to enact the Contract with America, to pass welfare reform, to balance the budget, to be able to actually create a surplus for the first time in decades. Because he moved to the center, moderated his views, worked with Republicans, cared about results more than rhetoric. That’s not what you have with this president.”