Gov. Bob McDonnell has spent three days in China — two days in Shanghai and one in Beijing — trying to drum up business for Virginia.

McDonnell said in a conference call with reporters from Beijing that he will announce soon that a pair of Chinese companies — one steel and one agricultural — will do business in Virginia. Already, he said, a major shipping company has agreed to increase the number of stops in the state.

On Saturday, he will be on hand when the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, located in Richmond, and the Palace Museum in the Forbidden City sign a four-year agreement to share exhibits.

McDonnell (R) said he spoke to major manufacturing, engineering and electrical companies as well as a venture capital firm looking to invest in the United States. He hosted three business roundtables with 50 companies and a seminar for those interested in Virginia attended by 180 people.

He also spoke to business students at a university and met with China’s vice minister of commerce.

McDonnell officially opened Virginia’s trade office in China. The Shanghai office has two employees and a budget of about $250,000 annually, which varies with the currency exchange rate.

McDonnell is on the second leg of his 11-day trade mission to Japan, China and Korea, which is being covered by media in China, including that the Xinhua News Agency , and National Business Online.Check out the CNBC click below.