Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) bashed President Obama’s yet-to-be released budget in the weekly Republican address — commonly known as the response to the president’s radio address — Saturday morning.

McDonnell accused Obama of making job creation tougher by planning to propose a tax increase, ignoring the growing entitlement crisis and failing to address the $15 trillion national debt.

“With no boldness or leadership or setting priorities, the Obama approach is simply more debt, more taxes, and more blaming others,’’ he said. “In short, we can expect that this will not be a proactive budget built to promote fiscal responsibility and future prosperity. Rather, it appears we’ll see a bloated budget that doubles down on the failed policies of the past.’’

Mc­Don­nell, who is chairman of the Republican Governors Association, instead touted the leadership of GOP governors in Florida, New Jersey, South Carolina and, of course, Virginia.

“Republican governors are balancing their budgets on time, without tax increases, and without deficit spending,’’ he said. “And their hard work to make government more efficient and effective is helping to create the environment in which Americans can use their God-given talents to compete, grow, innovate and pursue the American Dream.”

Watch the full address below: