Gov. Bob McDonnell has been tapped by national Republican leaders to deliver the weekly Republican address — commonly known as the response to the president’s radio address — on Saturday.

“Bob McDonnell has compiled an outstanding record as governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia,” Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said. “He’s kept taxes low, regulation and litigation to a minimum and invested wisely for Virginia’s future in economic development, education and transportation.”

Mc­Don­nell, chairman of the Republican Governors Association, has been often mentioned as a vice presidential contender.

“Every American deserves the opportunity of a good job,’’ McDonnell said. “Republicans are committed to helping the private sector create those jobs by making government more efficient and effective, and putting in place policies that help spur private sector job creation and economic growth.”

McDonnell has delivered the address twice before, once when he was a candidate for governor. He also gave the response to President Obama’s State of the Union address in his first year in office.