Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell (R) REUTERS/Joshua Roberts/Files

McDonnell, who was named chairman in August, will fly to Orlando on Monday and return Thursday.

He will hold private meetings with some of the nation’s 28 other Republican governors and RGA staff Monday and Tuesday. Later in the week, the governors will hold public meetings on policy and politics.

McDonnell, who is finishing out a term for Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who resigned to run for president in August, is expected to be reelected chairman on Wednesday for another year.

McDonnell had served as RGA vice chairman since November. His campaign manager and top political adviser, Phil Cox, works as executive director of the RGA.

He will be accompanied this week by Cox as well as some of his team at the governor’s office, including chief of staff Martin Kent, counselor Jasen Eige and communications director Tucker Martin, who are taking vacation to attend the political gathering.

McDonnell has used the RGA post to meet more national donors, appear more often on Sunday morning talk shows and be part of the national political dialogue. He is already being mentioned as a possible vice presidential candidate next year.

His friend to the north, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, who serves as chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, will preside over his annual conference next week in Los Angeles.