Is it indecisiveness or just part of a grand plan?

Gov. Bob Mc­Don­nell (R) is waiting until the last possible minute — midnight Tuesday — to unveil his amendments to the state budget and his actions on controversial bills on insurance for children with autism and medical malpractice awards.

Mc­Don­nell spokesman Tucker Martin said the governor’s office expects to release the information Wednesday morning, though the governor will act on the bills as he is required to by law by midnight.

Martin said the governor is still reviewing bills, and not just trying to cram all his bad news into one day.

We reported Monday that Mc­Don­nell is likely to veto a bill that would raise awards in medical malpractice lawsuits $50,000 a year starting in 2012, because it violates a promise he made during his 2009 campaign, according to lawmakers and lobbyists. He also is expected to propose a series of amendments to a bill that would require businesses to provide insurance coverage for children with autism, according to several legislators with knowledge of the changes.

Mc­Don­nell is reviewing a third bill that would pump nearly $3 billion into improving the state’s clogged roadways over three years. The bill was introduced on his behalf, but legislators amended the legislation during their session.

Lawmakers return to Richmond next week to consider McDonnell’s amendments and vetoes.