It’s easy to tell the election is only a month away — money is changing hands fast and furious.

Gov. Bob McDonnell (R)’s political action committee, Opportunity Virginia, has taken in $265,000 since last Friday. That includes $50,000 each from United coal company and Gordonsville Realty Investment. See the full list of contributions over $10,000 here.

Meanwhile, $125,000 has been donated to a newly formed political action committee called the Growth Opportunity and Prosperity Fund, which appears to support Republican candidates.

The Northern Virginia group has yet to report donations, but says it supports pro-business candidates dedicated to keeping Virginia's economy strong through low taxes, and a favorable labor and regulatory environment.

Sen. Mark Warner’s (D) PAC Forward Together donated $25,000 to Democratic candidates for the Senate, where the party is trying to hold on to a narrow majority.

Full fundraising reports for candidates and PACs are due Oct. 17.