Del. Joe Morrissey, the always outspoken former prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer, may be getting his law license back, after all.

The Richmond Democrat’s law license was revoked in 2003 after Morissey made a series of missteps that prompted several suspensions and stint in jail. On Friday, the Supreme Court of Virginia granted Morrissey’s petition for reinstatement of his license.

In July the Virginia State Bar had recommended against reinstatement, saying that Morrissey had gotten into fistfights, disobeyed judges and violated a court order by speaking to the press.

In granting the petition, the Supreme Court ordered Morrissey to show that he has attended 60 hours of legal education in the past five years and to take the bar exam, among other requirements.

Morrissey, elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2007, was reelected in November. He could not be reached for comment.