by Rosalind S. Helderman

Gov. Bob Mc­Don­nell (R) is making the rounds in Washington Wednesday, lunching with national reporters, meeting with the prime minister of Ireland and conducting talks with Virginia’s congressional delegation.

The midday meeting with reporters is not surprising for the governor who has been taking on a larger national profile lately.

Nor is his meeting the prime minister of the country of his ancestry. Mc­Don­nell has strong affection for Ireland and explored his family’s roots in during a trip there last year.

McDonnell’s spokesman says the meeting is a get-to-know-you with Enda Kenny, who was sworn in earlier this month. It’s also a chance to discuss bonds between Virginia and Ireland.

Wednesday afternoon, Mc­Don­nell will discuss federal-state relations with Virginia’s congressional delegation. No word yet on whether redistricting of congressional lines will come up, but it’s a good bet.

Thursday, Mc­Don­nell will turn to more somber issues: His office has announced that he plans to attend funerals and viewings for two Buchanan County Sheriff’s deputies killed in the line of duty Sunday.