George Allen has launched a fresh assault on Timothy M. Kaine for his service as Democratic National Committee chairman, airing a new ad tying Kaine’s DNC tenure with his support for Obama administration initiatives.

With polls suggesting that President Obama’s support is slipping in Virginia, the Allen spot may be a sign that Republicans now view this line of attack as more effective than it was when Obama’s numbers looked better in the state.

“I am doing what the president wants me to do,” Kaine says in a video clip at the start of the ad.

Then the narrator takes over: “So Tim Kaine became President Obama’s national party chairman. Abandoning Virginia while governor, putting the president’s harmful agenda first. Supporting his failed stimulus, national energy tax, government takeover of health care. And the deal leading to defense cuts that threaten 200,000 Virginia jobs.”

Kaine did take the DNC job at Obama’s request while serving as governor, and did support the stimulus, health-care and cap and trade bills, though the ad’s use of the Kaine video clip skews the timeline. The clip is from an Oct. 2010 appearance on ABC’s “This Week” — long after he had already left the governor’s mansion — and Kaine was responding to a question about how long he would stay on as DNC chair.

As they have in the past, Democrats branded Allen a hypocrite for using this line of attack, given that Allen served as National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman, and Allen praised his successor as governor — Jim Gilmore — for taking the Republican National Committee chairmanship.

“George Allen’s attacks about partisanship ring pretty hollow from a former senator who voted with George W. Bush 95 percent of the time and devoted the rest of his energy not to creating jobs or opportunities for Virginians but to raising money for fellow Republicans,” said Democratic Party of Virginia Chairman Brian Moran.

State Democrats sent out a video of Allen from 2003, when he was NRSC Chairman, saying: “My main role is to make sure that we maintain and hopefully also expand the number of Republicans in the United States Senate.”

Also Tuesday, the conservative group Crossroads GPS released a new ad accusing Kaine of being “dead wrong” on key issues, while the pro-Democratic group Majority PAC unveiled a spot saying Allen doesn’t “really get our priorities.”