Republicans hoping to eat the Democrats’ lunch in November won’t get so much as a bite of one particular food at a Tampa convention party.

In this June 14, 2010 file photo, Gilbert Gottfried arrives with the Aflac duck to the 14th Annual Webby Awards in New York. Aflac severed ties with Gottfried in 2011 over jokes about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan that the comedian posted on Twitter. (Charles Sykes/AP)

That’s what a caterer working at the Republican National Convention replied when asked if there was anything interesting about the menu.

The caterer, who spoke on condition of anonymity because workers were required to sign confidentiality agreements, said the no-duck rule applied to one corporate-sponsored shindig taking place this week. It was imposed, the caterer said, at the behest of a co-sponsor: Aflac.

I tried to reach a spokeswoman for the insurer with the duck mascot, just to make sure the alleged menu restriction wasn’t, you know, a canard.

She did not immediately return a message seeking comment.


I’ve just heard from Aflac spokeswoman Laura Kane.

“Yes it is true,” she e-mailed. “We would never serve Duck at any event.”