President Obama will open his fifth campaign office in Virginia this weekend.

Businessman Terry McAuliffe, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee possible candidate for governor next year, will be on hand for the office opening in Fredericksburg.

The campaign has a headquarters in downtown Richmond and offices in Fairfax County, Newport News and Petersburg.

Nine months before election day, Obama has a headstart over the eventual Republican nominee. None of the GOP candidates has much of a presence in the swing states of Virginia — yet.

In 2008, Obama became the first Democratic candidate to carry Virginia in 44 years, but in the years since, Democrats have lost ground. The GOP controls the legislature and governor’s office and holds a commanding majority of Virginia’s congressional delegation.

Obama and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) fiercely courted Virginia’s 13 electoral votes three years ago, giving the state a front-row seat to a presidential election for the first time in decades. Both candidates, as well as numerous surrogates, made repeated visits to the state and flooded airwaves and mailboxes with advertisements.

In what was then considered the most comprehensive political organization in modern times, Obama opened almost 50 offices, even in sparsely populated regions, dispatched more than 250 paid staffers and recruited thousands of volunteers to knock on doors across the state.

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