Two more political ads are coming to a TV near you.

President Obama will begin airing a pair of positive TV ads in swing states, including Virginia, this week.

The first ad, “Sacred Trust,” touts Obama’s commitment to helping veterans as he continues his effort to win over military families in a handful of important swing states. And yes, this ad mentions Osama bin Laden.

Last week, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, oldest son of Vice President Biden and a major in the Delaware Army National Guard, came to Virginia to kick off the national launch of veterans and military families for Obama.

The second ad, “Personal,” touts Obama’s desire to preserve Medicare for current seniors and future generations.

Curt Cashour, Romney campaign spokesperson, responded, “President Obama and his campaign can’t distract voters from three years of broken promises on Medicare and our commitments to our veterans. In a week when his own supporters called his campaign attacks on free enterprise ‘nauseating’ and ‘very disappointing,’ President Obama is now trying to rewrite his record in an attempt to change the narrative on his campaign’s terrible week.”

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