Gov. Bob McDonnell (Bob Brown/ Richmond Times-Dispatch via AP)

May (R-Loudoun), an inventor and engineer, opened the fourth facility in the state last year for his Sterling-based company that designs and manufactures equipment, such as telecommunications circuits and ultraviolet radiation measuring devices.

EIT now has a pair of manufacturing facilities — 100,000 square feet total — with 100 employees in Danville. It also has two offices in Northern Virginia. (May was quick to point out that EIT did not receive subsidies from the state to expand.)

A coalition of business leaders is encouraging the state to ban uranium mining in Southside because it could hurt the state’s ability to lure businesses.

So what does May think of that?

May, who has not made up his mind on whether uranium should be mined, laughed and said he did not give that one thought.

“If I thought it was going to jeopardize things, I wouldn’t have my business there,’’ he said.

McDonnell has embarked on a week-long “Virginia: Growing Strong” tour to tout economic successes across the state. It’s official state travel, though Democrats question whether there are political motivations behind it.