The Progressive Caucus, which was created this spring by a group of young Democratic lawmakers, is forming a political action committee to try to get like-minded candidates elected to the General Assembly this November.

The caucus’s agenda includes economic justice to rebalance the state’s priorities toward rich and poor, Medicaid funding, rights for gays, the restoration of rights for felons and abortion rights.

“General Assembly elections typically bring extremely low turnout, so a critical factor in winning seats is mobilizing the base,’’ said Del. Patrick A. Hope (D-Arlington), co-founder and co-chairman of the caucus. “Democrats in Virginia have failed to do that in many elections because progressive voters have struggled to determine who the candidates were that would really stand up and fight for their values. We hope to see this PAC give voters an additional tool in determining that, as well as providing financial support to those candidates to help them be elected.”

Other founding members of the caucus include Dels. Adam P. Ebbin and David L. Englin of Alexandria and Sen. A. Donald McEachin of Richmond.

The PAC will issue its first round of endorsements next month. It will support candidates who share the membership’s progressive values and plan to join the caucus if elected.