A few dozen protesters rallied in the rain off Capitol Square on Wednesday as legislators returned to Richmond for the first day of its 60-day session.

The demonstrators with We Are Virginia, a coalition of liberal groups including the Sierra Club, labor organizations and others, said they wanted to remind legislators to represent their constituents, not lobbyists and campaign donors.

They chanted and held home-made signs that said: “Listen to Voters ... We are Virginia,’’ “I Believe in Health Care for All Virginians, Especially Women!” and “We Believe in Good Quality Schools ... We are Virginia.’’

Candace Graham of Virginia Organizing spoke about the need for a balanced approach to the state budget that includes raising taxes and closing tax loopholes. “If we continue the cuts-only approach to the budget, we will find ourselves here again two years from now debating about what's still left to cut,’’ she said.

They also spoke against the Republican majority’s “extreme conservative agenda“ that includes bills to restrict abortion and voting rights, allow guns in schools and widen corporate tax loopholes.

They delivered bags to legislators that included a flashlight designed to shine a light on voting rights, a surgical mask to support a health-care exchange, animal crackers to oppose pre-K cuts and super glue with a note says “make lasting coalitions that solve problems.”